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Alright folks, here's the deal. Assuming you've all picked up our debut record 'On the House' (click here to get it now) for free, we'd like you to throw some of the money you'd normally put towards an album, towards raising awareness for men's health, mainly prostate cancer. We have started the Head of the Herd Movember Team, and our goal is to raise $2000 so let's do the damn thing! Donate, join, do what it takes to shed some light on Prostate Cancer!

The Final Track

Here it is, the last song off the record! We have saved one our personal favourites for the last 'On the House Wednesday' called "Ow!You Got Me Now". The music in this one hits hard with guitars,
drums, and bass while the story cuts deep with real emotions. We're pleased to give this one away and wicked anxious to play it live.

The whole album will be available for download on friday, february 4th... so check back!

Click here to get the song.

Name, Number and a New Track

2nd last on the house wednesday 'till you've got our whole record on hand. For the 2nd last week, you're getting the first song we ever did. Big percussion and vocal loops push the song from the get go. Have a listen to the outro to get a real feel for the underlying background components. It's no surprise this song set the tone for the record as it's a steady, slow moving train.

Get this and the others on your ipods, one more week and we're yours.

Click here to get the song.

Unlock The Story

It's week six for On the House Wednesday's and we're pleased to release the first song the 2 of us ever collaborated on. You could say it is the first step we took towards Head of The Herd. Lock the Door is an acoustic blues jam with a wailing harmonica solo and a story to match....


Click here to get the song.

I need a free song

It's our favorite day of the week. Time to hand you another song from our debut record. "I Need You" is an ever changing piece and certainly a departure style wise. We drastically changed instrumentation for this one, using slide guitar and djembe to drive the piece. Check out the video on the featured drum. The words of this story ought to put you in a place you might already know. So breathe me in love, don't spit me out.

Check it out here!

Get this on your ipod and sit on the floor cross-legged, we're about to read you a story.

She wants it all to be free on Wednesdays

We figured it was time to introduce one of the heavier songs on the record for "On the House Wednesday" Vol. II, and "She Wants It All" is your introduction to this side of the band. Lyrically, this song is a beast and the music follows suit. Listen to the story in the song and you'll see right where we're coming from. We toiled over the bridge for quite a while but we're quite pleased with the final result. An instrumental, rhythmic breakup from the rest of the song.

Check it out here!

Get this on your ipod and sit on the floor cross-legged, we're about to read you a story.

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