Do you like listening to the Head of The Herd songs

Do you like listening to the Head of The Herd songs? Are you a fan or are you new to their music? If you are curious about them or if you really like their albums and songs, then you came to the right place!

Head of The Herd is known for its genre of alternative rock, blue rock, and rock and roll. Rock has been a genre that is loved by many people even before. Since music has taken over the world, you might even hear your neighbor blasting songs in their garage doors in Nevada, be it rock, mellow, or any type of music. We cannot deny how much people like various genres that go well with their own preferences. The lyrics and messages of the songs are also both important parts of music which help us in relating to these songs. Now, Head of The Herd gives both rock genres along with beautiful lyrics and messages through their songs. This is why many people like them and why they remained active from 2010 up until now.

The band consists of five members. The first one is Neu Mannas, the lead vocalist and guitarist. He is fond of playing live. He also uses bass, piano, organ and even percussion, but only in studio. The second member is Clay Frank who uses guitar, harmonica and percussion both live and in studio. The other member is Matty Carolei who is in charge of the drums in both studio and live shows. The fourth member is Brittany Willacy who uses piano, organ and is in charge of live background vocals. The last one is Cory Curtis who is in charge of bass and live background vocals as well..

In 2014, Head of the Herd was awarded the “Best New Rock Group” at the 2014 Canadian Radio Music Awards in Toronto. In June 2015, they recorded their new third and full-length album which was released September 2015. They worked in the south of Georgia, USA along with producer Mark Neill for this album. This album was entitled “Birds On The Roof”. The album included original songs composed by Neu Mannas.

But before that, Head of The Herd already released their albums way back in 2011. Back then, other members haven’t joined the band yet.They produced an album called “On the House.” All the instruments were played by Neu and Clay, the lyrics were written by the both of them and it was produced by Neu Mannas himself. It was released in February 1, 2011 in Vancouver. Their second album was called “By This Time Tomorrow”. The songs are again written by Neu Mannas and Clay Frank.

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