About Us


Head of The Herd debuted with their album “On The House” back on February 2011. Back then, this band only consisted of two members, Neu Mannas and Clay Frank. They both worked to write the lyrics and even played all the instruments for all their songs. Neu Mannas is the one who produced it and eventually it was released in February. By 2013, Matty Carolei joined the band and helped to create music with his drumming skills. It was followed by Brittany Willacy who is a pianist, is in charge of organ and background vocals. In 2014, Cory Curtis who is in charge of bass and background vocals as well, joined the band.

Though they only consisted of two members back in 2011, they already created beautiful songs and delivered it to many people, making them admirable in the music industry. Now that they are a five-member band, their songs and albums only improved and the new members helped a lot in creating new music. They inspired a lot of people and delivered great messages through their songs.

Known in the genres of alternative rock, blue rock and rock and roll, they were immediately recognized by many. They also never failed to contribute good music in this industry. This is why ever since they debuted with their first album, we already created this website. Our purpose is to give you all the information you need about this band and to provide you their songs and music videos. Anyone is now free to listen to the Head of The Herd’s songs and check their album out. They can also stream music videos through our website and give feedback and comments as well. Up until now, we receive great amount of good reviews and feedback on both our website and the band. We hope to deliver more great quality rock music through our page.