Since most people visiting our website are curious about Head of the Herd, we receive great amount of questions about them. We picked a few that are frequently asked and we will share these to all of you. These questions include the items below:

Where can I watch Head of the Herd’s music videos here in this website?

You can watch it by going through our videos section and there you will see the band’s music videos. If you like it, you can send a comment through the forum or the music video itself. Tell us what you think after you’ve found these videos.

Can I see the band’s activities through this website?

Yes, you can see their recent and past activities here such as their live shows, recording of new songs and even their music videos. We provide updated information about their albums as well and you can join the discussions too if ever you want.

When are they going to perform live again?

As of now, the band is currently on their break and is planning to do live shows after that. They are also busy creating their new songs and albums so performing live right away would be a bit impossible for now. But don’t worry, once they come back after their short break, they will immediately perform for their fans.

Can I join the discussions in the forums and ask some questions there by myself?

Yes, feel free to join any discussion in the forums section. You may also post anything you want or ask anything you’ve always wanted to ask to other people. We are more than sure that posting on the forum will be fun since all of us here share the same interest and that is Head of the Herd’s artists and music. It won’t hurt to talk to other people about them and their activities.