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Jennie L.

I checked out the Head Of The Herd’s 2015 album through this website and it was so good! I can’t believe I’m new to these people and that I haven’t listened to their songs for a very long time.

Rozen E.

I’ve been listening to rock music ever since I was a teen and up until now I still do. Head of the Herd is one of my favorite bands because they have so many good songs and they produce great albums. I’m hoping that many people would discover them in the future.

Elaine T.

I was never fond of listening to rock music. I used to think that it was just noise in my ears and I actually prefer mellow songs and ballads until I found a friend of mine who listens to Head of the Herd. She made me listen to it as well and at first, I didn’t like it but then I got used to the sounds of rock because it’s what she always plays. As time passed by, I grew curious about their songs and eventually liked it. Though I still prefer ballads, I kind of liked this band’s songs and album as well. Thanks to my friend and this band, I got to discover new music.

Daniel K.

I first heard this band’s songs back in 2011 and I immediately loved their music. Rock has been a great genre for me and I never thought this band will forever be in my favorite list ever since I found them! I am looking forward for more of their albums and songs in the future.